Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely, you can safely clean your cherished stuffed animal or precious blanket by machine washing them in cold water and then
tumble drying. It is important to avoid using fabric softener, as it can
harm the fabric fibers.

Cuddle babies are typically shipped within three days of order receipt,
ensuring a prompt delivery. However, blankets may take 3-4 weeks for delivery. If you require your item sooner, please don’t hesitate to
reach out via email to let us know. We’d be delighted to expedite your order. Any additional shipping charges, beyond our free shipping
offer, would be the only costs associated with expediting your order.

We’re here to support you every step of the way if you encounter any
difficulties while working on your DIY project. With your purchase,
you’ll receive comprehensive, step-by-step instructions to help
ensure a smooth and successful DIY experience. Feel free to reach
out to us whenever you need assistance.

All our cuddle babies are in high demand, and it’s challenging to pinpoint a
single & “most popular” one because each has its unique charm. We’re
confident that you’ll find delight in any choice you make, as our
diverse selection is adored by many.

These cuddle baby make fantastic gifts for newborns, toddlers, and
children. They serve multiple purposes, including being a lovely
comfort item for little ones or even a cozy companion for Grandma.

Our blankets are versatile and make for exceptional gifts, whether it’s for a child’s birthday, a holiday surprise, or your girlfriend’s bachelorette party. They are especially popular among college students, as we can create them in their college colors. Everyone adores a soft minky dot blanket, and the personalized touch of having their name on it is a delightful bonus.

After the age of 12 months, it’s generally safe for children to sleep
with a lovey or blanket, according to the American Academy of
Pediatrics. Many parents find that introducing a lovey or blanket at
this age can offer comfort and reassurance to their little ones during

The cuddle baby is indeed one of the most cherished baby gifts. A
heartwarming practice for new moms is to keep the critter close,
allowing her scent to transfer to it. This way, the baby can have the
comforting smell of mom nearby, even when she’s not physically there, fostering a sense of security and connection. It’s worth noting
that the cuddle baby has been board certified as baby-safe by Armstrong
Laboratories. It features embroidered eyes, ensuring there are no
button eyes that could pose a risk.

Yes, we do offer wholesale options for trade customers. To get
started, simply visit our trade section and fill out the vendor form.
Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll promptly get in touch with you
to discuss wholesale purchases and address any inquiries you may

Custom color and design options are only available for our name
blankets or custom blankets. Unfortunately, we do not offer color
choices for the cuddle baby; they are exclusively available as shown in our
standard designs.

We do not provide embroidery services for the cuddle baby. However, you
have the option to take your critter to a local embroidery shop in your
town, where they can beautifully personalize it for you. If you’re interested in custom items, we offer custom blankets in our blanket