About Us


About Us.

It all started when someone very near and dear to my own heart got “FAT”…

One summer, I was preparing to travel to Hong Kong to purchase merchandise for my interior design business. I soon realized that the airlines would not allow me to smoke on the flight over, so I decided that I had to quit before my trip. By the time I returned, I had kicked my smoking habit, but in its place, I had picked up a new one. No longer was I eating Blue Bell by the dip or bowl, but I was eating it by THE GALLON!!! Needless to say, I grew and Grew and GREW!

Well, to make matters worse, I had just married this young, handsome hunk and my girlfriend kept telling me, “You’ll never keep him, either the fat goes or he goes.” Over and over again, I heard her words, but I refused to listen.

A few weeks later, I was at an antique auction and I purchased a four-drawer chest, as a joke for my girlfriend. As I examined the chest, an idea popped into my head on how to decorate it. I painted the outside of the chest with a beautiful tablecloth, gardening book and a china plate full of chocolate covered strawberries. The interior of the first drawer was painted with a Lemon Meringue pie. The second drawer had the pie with one piece missing. The third drawer had only one piece left and then, you opened the bottom drawer to find “Fat Rat’ with the last bite.

As soon as my clients and friends saw “FAT RAT™”, they had to have one. What started out as a joke in response to my friend’s advice on weight management / marriage, has grown into my fabulous “FAT RAT™” business! Each year, we add a new character to the “FAT RAT™” family – each one holds a special place in my heart.

SKIP AHEAD TO 2023! We are still here, making precious memories for you and your family!

Be sure and checkout www.fatratfamily.com and join our fun-loving family!!!!

P.S. I still have that young, handsome husband.

Margee King

Fat Rat

Margie King

Gramsy Rat

Mimi Dompier “The Grande dame of the family!”

Shuge Rat

“Shuge Miller” in memory of one of our favorite clients!

Brat Rat

Shelly Mullanex

Rowdy Rat

Tom Dompier

Cat Rat

Kathryn Hunt

Wino Rat

Susan Hunt

Cowboy Rat

Mason Hunt

Yogi Rat

“Honorary” Yogi Bera

Ima Rat & Ura Rat


Happy Clients

Designed with love at our little workshop

Nancy Day
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It is filled with so many different and creative things. Fun place.
Beverli Lee Everett
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Love all of your things bought my granddaughters Christmas presents from you! They loved their shower wraps!!
Kristen Nelson Lowenberg
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I love the unique fashion, beautiful colors and bling. Jenna and I get so many compliments when we wear our wraps to the pool. And of course, we Miss Margee!!! She is so creative, amazingly talented and super fun.
Chris Lumar
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We took my granddaughter to Disney Land, had to turn back and get her binky! She doesn’t go anywhere without her critter!!
Michelle Burson
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My aunt gave this critter to my son before he was born and my daughter quickly stole it. She calls it her baby and it goes everywhere with her. She loves it so much!
Brittany Boykin
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She’s almost 4! My oldest daughter, Pierson is almost 11- she had our first “baby”. I got it at Canton flea market in Mississippi when I was pregnant with her, and she went through about 4! The next one I order will be Piper’s third! We loooove them!
Beverly Deitz
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My grand babies love their silkys from you. I bought my first one from you 10 yrs ago and all the next 5 grands got one plus several friends. My daughter says they still get them out and snuggle with them thinking of Mawmaw Thank you for making such a great product that will be cherished and loved for a long time!
Shelly Mulanex
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Doesn’t get better than Fat Rat Family, I buy all my baby gifts from her and have for years. The critter is perfect for all ages! Shipping is always so fast!
Beverly Deitz
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It arrived! He is perfect! Thank you! Jonny will love it!